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Avoid These Mistakes on Social Media, What Not To Do!

Unless internet marketing is your profession, it’s easy to make very common mistakes on social media.

There are a million “how to” articles online, from Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest and every other social media platform out there, they all cover what to do best.

It’s easy to learn what you should do, the majority of business owners think they’re doing what they’re supposed to, but these tips will help you avoid some common mistakes while you’re on your social media posting journey.

Don’t Beg For Shares and Likes

It’s pathetic really, most people are turned off by this tactic immediately.  Facebook has robust targeting and boosting campaign tools that are extremely affordable.  So please stop begging, instead target an audience that’s looking specifically what you have to offer.

Keep Your Posts Short and Sweet

People flock to social media to quickly scan, engage and read information about their friends and favorite brands.  It’s not a newspaper, Twitter has got this down by limiting the posts to 140 characters, all you have to do is treat the other social platforms just the same.  If you want to share more information about the topic, add a link to your website where you can share a full article and they can read more.

If you’re feeling extra techy and just can’t help yourself with the lengthy posts, make sure you keep those on Google+ instead of Facebook.  The Google algorithm,  and the Google+ crowd love long posts with lots of information.

Don’t Focus on Posting and Forget to Respond

Social media is all about making connections.  You wouldn’t stand there silent if someone asked you a question or had a remark to make about your product or service would you? Respond as quick as you can, and always remember to thank your audience.

Stop Over Promoting

It’s no fun for anyone to sit there and listen to you talk about yourself every day of their life.  Mix it up by engaging the audience you have.  Follow an 80/20 rule.  The majority of your posts should be entertaining, informative, engaging, and the rest can be about you.

You have the right to be proud, you’re the best right? But let that shine in social media posts by sharing success stories, your clients’ testimonials rather than being arrogant about it.

Don’t Create Multiple Business Pages

Ahuh! you woke up one day and decided, I’m gonna take over the local market by creating multiple Facebook pages for the different services I provide, or the different cities I serve.  Please stop!  You’re not only creating a social media management nightmare for yourself, you’re diluting your traffic and audience funnel.

Instead, manage one page well by targeting an audience that is specifically looking for your product and service.

Your posts can funnel the traffic to the different areas you need them to go to, landing pages, blog, email sign-up list, etc….  Gone are the days of thinking you can outsmart the internet and social media gods.

Having one page with 2000 followers has a lot more weight than multiple pages that have a few hundred each.

If you still like the idea of having multiple pages to share different topics on (location, service, product), you may want to head over to Pinterest where you can have one business profile, but multiple boards relating to the different categories you want to share about.

Don’t Share Long Links, They Are Distracting

When you decide to share a link in a post, please shorten that thing.  Long URL’s tend to be a distraction and exude unprofessionalism.  Head over to and quickly shorten any url for free, isn’t it cuter?

Example of Long URL

Example of Cuter Version

If you’re making some of these mistakes on social media, we hope these tips helped you out.  If there’s additional tips you’d like to share with others, comment below.

Our goal is to help small businesses grow and realize their full potential without breaking the bank, if there’s a particular subject relating to SEO and social media marketing you’d like us to cover, give us a shout out.




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7 Best Social Media Sites for Business

Social media marketing for a business can be overwhelming and confusing.  What works? What doesn’t work? And how does it work? are just few of the questions.  We will point out a few best practices for small business owners to follow.

Before we begin, one thing to always remember is your website must always come first.

Think of it as the “mother ship” you will connect to from various areas.  Unlike social media which is owned by someone else, your website is your own.  Social media offers you the tunnels to get your messages out there to the world.

social media marketing for business

With over a 100 social media sites out there, where do you start in deciding what works for your business?


With over a billion followers, it’s easy to start a business page where people “like it” and accept hearing what you have to say, follow the links you share, or sign up to offers you give them.

Facebook also makes it easy for you to target new leads via affordable, and easy to setup targeting campaigns.  You can capture the attention of people that never heard of you based on location, age, and interest.


Easier to gain a following on Twitter, people follow you, you follow them back and mention them as you’re posting.  Posts are limited to a 140 characters, and the use of hashtags is important to organize your posts.

Twitter is a great platform to drive traffic to your site, connect with others in your industry, but your audience is not as targeted like Facebook.


Owned by Google, Youtube has over 50 hours of new videos uploaded each minute.  As a business, you can tap into a whole new audience locally by properly setting up the back end keywords of each video you produce about your business and services.

Google Plus G+

Google’s version of social media platforms, it offers many additional tools such as circles, hangouts, messenger, hashtag and more.

Your business Google Plus page has direct ties to your business being listed on Google for “Business Pages” therefore adding your business there is well worth it, even if only for search engine ranking.


From its inception, it was viewed as a sight to share your professional resume and experience to get new jobs.  LinkedIn has grown into a great networking site for professionals.

Look at it as a daily convention.  You never know who you’ll meet, connect with, and what leads it may generate for your business.  LinkedIn is  a great platform to connect and collaborate with other professionals in your field.


This social media platform is for your business if you have visually appealing products.  It’s about photo sharing with others that have the same interest.  Companies can quickly gain a huge following by sharing product photos to specific boards.  Other users re-pin your post to their boards, and so on.


A question and answer social media site, where your business can post questions, or answer others based on your knowledge and experience.

There are a hundred more sites, but these are the most popular ones amongst business owners, and found to be quite affective.

All social media sites allow you to share links within your posts, which is great for driving traffic back to your website “the mother ship” remember?

No matter which platform(s) you use to share your message, it’s important to understand the importance of staying consistent in sharing a variety of information, not only promotional material.

You want those that follow you to stay, so keep your audience engaged with fresh new content they find informative, engaging, and entertaining.

If you need a social media marketing professional to setup, and manage your online social media presence, contact us for a free evaluation.

We at Social Wise Solutions always share information that will help you make an informed decision in your online marketing strategy, we hope you found this information helpful.  For great marketing tips that help you business succeed, let’s connect on social media.


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