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Social Media Content Tips For Real Estate Agents

When it’s time to sit there and schedule social media posts as a Realtor, it’s easy to get stuck in one style. Being strictly  promotional, or all informative can get boring, the variation of posts tend to bring better results.

Local Real Estate Social Media Posts

real estate news

Social Posts about National Real Estate News

  • Compare home prices across states
  • How’s the economy doing
  • Informative articles from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times relating to home ownership
  • Why a reader should choose your firm to sell or buy a home (National Brand)

Local & Community Social Media Posts

As a real estate agent, you’re the local expert in the community, let it shine.

  • Scheduled events in the community
  • Mention local government and city offices (police, fire department)
  • Any new buildings coming up in the area (malls, kids’ centers, activities)

Realor Personal Interests Social Media Posts

Connecting with your social media audience on a personal level begins by sharing your personal side on your business page.  As a real estate agent, your relationship with clients is personal on many levels.  As much as you’d like to get to know your followers, they’d love to know you also.

  • Your favorite sports
  • Activities and your favorite tips
  • Where do you hang out and why you like it
  • Have a pet? people love pets and have them too.

Print the grid and use it to help you while you’re on your journey of posting:

Realtor Content Grid

These types of posts should help you fill in the gaps in between your listing and open house posts.

A recent article published  “YOU SHOULD NOT” make these mistakes on social media will also make a great read for you.

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